Monday, February 15, 2010

my bigboy..

so many things may change n happen while we are growing up.. so do i.. n so do u.. but the crucial part when it involve the heart feeling session.. saye pon x begitu arif bab2 ni coz, ive never fall in love.. juz admiring only.. but based on the story of my sister, my anty, my frineds, i noe its juz hard n we cant handle it if this heart feeling pops up.. isnt it right??

what did i wanted 2 wrote on my blog is, never turned down 2 this bloody shits stuff.. sound harsh right?? but thats the only word the i should n i can say.. k.. let me futher this confusion.. juz ignored those people who seems never take care of u, didnt respect u, didnt knew ur existance n never appreciaare about urself...

nah, if i were u, i will leave her... again i will leave here! i noe that u love her so much n damn much.. but would she sacrifice as u did towards her??? i juz wanna u 2 think bigboy.. think that she might no need u right now.. but, trust me if i am ur frend.. she will find u 1day..,. repeat she will find u 1day.. later n sooner...

i know u will never listen 2 me.. will never n never bcoz i`am against u... i juz gave an advise n a track 2 u 2 get out 4rm the hell that both of u created..
i dont want u 2 suffer alone.. she might enjoy it but notu bigboy!!!

get well soon.. enjoy ur lfe.. be the obeydient person 2 allh.. i wish i could do it 2..

i hope u read my blog.. so sorry coz i hurt u bigboy..

i hate hurting people feeling..

a nice guy will meet a nice beb..

hasmah.. motivational is essantiall.
u such a nice person.. willing 2 do anything n everything in a word of friendship.. but are those people dare 2 do the same as u do it 2 them??? i want u 2 think about urself right now bigboy!! juz think about u!! plizz care about urself bigboy.. pliz pliz pliz.. i know u will suffer.. n i wont let u suffer than..

i know u love her so much n damned much.. i also love him very much.. but i noe, he will not ready 4 that.. he still need that time.. i noe u did gave her the time.. but its not enough!!its not enough bigboy.. let her find u.. let her find u!!!!

i want u 2 fly, but i wont let u fly alone.. i will right behind u.. syafinaz will always there 2 support u..

plizz big boy.. u, she n me are still young.. go 4 ur ambition!!.. juz be like syafinaz.. try 2 get new life WITHOUT her!! start the day WITHOUT HER!!! leave her alone!!

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