Friday, July 29, 2011


30 julai 2011

salam ^^

HUKM stands for hospital universiti kebangsaan malaysia..

where is it??

well, it is basically in malaysia ^^ hahha.. it is situated in cheras.. well, you may google it by yourself ^^

what are you doing there??

kakak, maksu and me were visiting my cousin: safiiya.. she was warded because of infections in her lungs.. well, her imune system wasnt good as she just 1 year and 2 months years old kid..

dan dan dan.. sambil menyelam minum air.. berjumpa dengan kakak angkat (foster sister).. kami tak bersua muka sejak dia habis belajar.. its about 5 years we havent seen each other.. we just text.. tak sama tau kalo mesej dengan jumpa.. she totally different!! more beautiful, more solid ^^.. but she still remains her attitude.. GILA2.. well it suit us ^^

well yea.. nurse is all about patient. claim. can control the situation. you named it..

i do love her very much..

not that i didnt love my biological sister..

i love both..

they`re my place where i can spoiled myself.. it is myself..

short and simple:

ada kejutan!!

nak tau??

bahahah.. klu untuk anda teka:

separuh-separuh ^^

good luck!!


Ahmad Fauzi Aryaan (A.F.A) said...

Yea..patik pon xde kakak....

imah said...

AFA: nak buat mcm mane.. terima saja lah ^^

Edy Zaidi said...

sempat lg bergambar tu

selamat berpuasa...jgn ponteng2 puasa yer...hehe

Lawsonia said...

separuh2...duit raya imah nt separuh bg akak...kehkehkeh

imah said...

abg edy: dengan imah sume sempat..

selamat berpuasa jugak ^^

imah said...

kaktikaleh: mane boleh.. duit saya, saya punya.. duit akak, saya punya jugak.. bhahaha