Monday, September 12, 2011

`kick' start

12th september 2011.

start a new sem on 1000am today^^

errr.. physics 1 as a `breakfast' for me..

#nice lecturer we have..hitam manis orangnya.. a really good on explaning those chapter in our syllabus..

i think i should GO TO his class earlier and sit infffffront .. hehehehe..

than, kenegaraan malaysia for `lunch time'..

#being a student of top 3 lecturer for kenegaraan malaysia in FEM was a kind of:

awesome maaaaan!

#he`s awesome too.. ageless and good looking..oh! he just 44 years old man! pheeewiiiit!!!!!

a bit early for `hi-tea'..

#a laboratory session.. kind of chaos for a while because of some changes made and only a certain people notice about it.. we just like a ball.. naaaa.. i dont mind.. baru hari pertama kaaaaan..

`dinner' on 2000pm until 2200pm..

two hours `dinner' about entrepreneur..

#a very sporting lecturer..

'you might not get a job after graduate. thus, you should do somethings which by:



tired ~~


Wan Ahmad Izudean said...

aku start2 dengan boistatistics yang memang mengantuk..lpas tu baru lab animal nutrition yang best!haha

Edy Zaidi said...

sungguh gatal student ini...hehe

imah said...

wan: really?? janji idop kita happy kan ^^

imah said...

abg edy: negative dan positive magnet menarik antara satu sama lain, inikan pula manusia..

ok, imah tau komen ini sgt FIZIK =p HEHEHEH

Lawsonia said...

hahaha...selamat belajar..akak 1st day semua kelas cancel...kehkehkeh

imah said...

kak tikaleh: perrrg!! TERBAIK WOOOKK!

zarazueyin said...

sungguh padat dan ketat jadual imah...hehe
nasib baik semester ni akak ada 2 papers je....hehe
selamat study :)

imah said...

kak zara: eh?? 2 paper je?? meh la amek imah punya sikit kak =P

p/s: gud luck jgk tok akk ^^

Ana Ghazali said...

Selamat kembali ke kuliah...hehe

imah said...

ana: terima kasih .. semngt nih ^^

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Interesting courses you got there. Would love to take entrepreneurship as well! Not physics, please.

imah said...

ibrahim: ^^ that entrepreneur course is compulsory to all upm student..

plus, we should run a business..