Saturday, October 22, 2011

i was not supposed to grow!

22 october 2011


I realised one thing.
I like to be with old people.
Or matured friends (might be older by months).

I had once thought it's because I wanted to hear their wisdom.
But I think I like to feel young, pampered, spoiled.

i love to mingle with someone older than me.

take their experiences,
learned from their experiences,
learned from their mistakes.
i quests alot,
about life,
about future,
that cross my mind.
not hoping for the correct answer,
just something differ from my point of view.

they make me realize:


you choose and you go for it.

and me, thinking deeply:

i was not supposed to grow.


Cha sahaja said...

mingle with someone older than you?

haha..ptut kwn ngn ana ea?

Tuan Cimot said...

hai imah..long time no see...dah nampk tua dah..kehkehkeh

imah said...

hai kak tikaleh: rindu imah letttuew ^^

tua?? well... boleh le kawen awal =P bahahah

Ibrahim Ismail said...

this is beautiful imah! great minds think alike! We are GREAT people!

imah said...

thanks to you too ibrahim ^^..

nice posts you got in your blog.

but soooooooometimeeeeees, i could disagree with you..


Ibrahim Ismail said...

I'm open for disagreements. Don't hesitate to state your different views, I might change my mind or I'll make you understand ;)

imah said...

dont worry.. i will.. hehehe.. but sometimes the way i`m deliver it not in correct way.. i meant, THE WAY to make it to be understood.. err..

SEE?? hahaha