Wednesday, November 9, 2011

my BUSY thing

09th november 2011

this is my CRAZY thing to do for almost 1 month.
(that`s why i seldom update on my blog)

hell yeah, its fun actually. make business. new experiences. generate some money. (we dont know the financial things yet, so, dont know how much we get each person) how to handle probs, makes decision, find the good product, everything that involve BUSINESS. (LETIH!)

open on thursday and friday. this week is our last WEEK to run the business.

but not THE END for me.
another carnival related to business. (it is a competiton actually)
my team and i are going to make a presentation about our BUSINESS. AGAINNNNNNN.

my lecturer seems want to win.
and i think, i want to do it.
a bit PAKSA RELA actually.

HOW DO I ENJOY THE CHALLENGE?? (i dont know - -')

ich liebe dich XOO


wickedwarhol said...

It sure is a lot to be done - have a nice day!

imah said...

wickedwarhole: tq bro.. half dead already for this..

Ibrahim Ismail said...

A new good experience for you.

imah said...

ibrahim: yes it is.. hope can make it to do some $$$ hahaha