Saturday, July 28, 2012

did all people in this world do this??

28 july 2012

salam.. well.....
i`m quite lazzzzzy to on9..
neither fb nor blog..


due to lack of energy..
well said, i`m working..
a part time job actually..
to earn some pocket money for the next sem..


my part time job requires the:

1) eye strength
2) neck strength
3) back bone strength
4) hip strength
5) alot of strength

make a guess than, please ^^

so, basically,
see the picture below:

bodoh.. stupid..

i received this kind-of-love-letter that being flip at my car..

oh! i got present too bro!!



my tyres punctured..
only two..

i accidently pulled up the handbreak yesterday..

thus, 3 cars could not be able to go out.

lame meeeee..

i heard soomeone PIN-PIN-PON-PON down there,
but, unfortunately,
i did not assume that was my car blocking them..

i was so tired yesterday too u know..
being trapped in traffic jam from 3pm to-almost-breaking-the-fast-mannn!

i just knew it on the noon..
i waas so sccccared! damn scared!
i circled my car to checked whether there was any damaged..

someone did the same to me too la..
i did not punctured their tyres.

i just flip a note with my phone number.
so, when they moved, they can called me..
easy right?

but hey!

do you think the 'love-letter' should have romantic words too??



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