Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Love myself

20  mac 2013


hi blog.

i know that i`m a random person. doing things suddenly. pops up question out-of-sudden. asked random things. blablabla-random..and i could`t help with that.

you know what? i love for being random. like seriously LIKE IT!

on Monday, after physics class, I wanted to stay at my faculty. And I  passed by the Faculty of Economy and Management. So, I dropped by one of my lecturer room. RANDOM.

and guess what. She and Me, thinked the same. oh! maybe great people thinks alike kot! hahaha.. but hey! 

she said that: " go study in overseas."

I said: " I wanted to do that. But not with my current course right now."

at that time, i felt OCCUPIED.

love random man!

p/s:  maybe iwan can do that.. hehehe.. good luck for som result bro!

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