Monday, November 14, 2011


14 NOVEMBER 2011

my cousin aka my private doc. (he just MA) called me.
he asked why did i text him yesterday.
*i will text him whenever i felt sick.. (err.. almost sick)

rant to him.
about all discomfort that i faced during these past 1 month.. (gara-gara MGM)

he said: take one day off from all things! and take supplement too.

and i was: imah banyak keje lagi nak kena siap nih..

he said: off day. supplement.

oh.. if i get a chance to do it - -'

susu Anlene kat dalam almari pon tak bukak lagi..

he do help me a lot. on healthcare.

i follow his instruction at once when i get pain on my chest. really. it works!
alhamdulillah. thanks to allah.

when people do good things to you,
dont forget to say:

thank you.


NaniE said...

imah, nak tanya soklan hampeh sket..adakah MA itu medical assistant?

imah said...

kak nanie: sopoloh markah untuk akak cantik!!! hahaha.. betul la tuh.. MA= medical assist. cousin saya kate, badan kena taf kalo nak jd MA sebab kena angkat pesakit.. bahahah..

p/s: die mmg taf pon ..

Ibrahim Ismail said...

Get well soon! I heard Anlene and any milk enricher products aren't that good as our bones aren't able to digest high calcium substance? *the way dogs will get poisonous over coffee, and chocolate. And sheep die after eating nasi minyak #truestory

Ps. Not feeling well after the workout. Over training perhaps?

imah said...

ibrahim: serious?? err.. never heard about that before.. its ok.. maybe i can do some reading. *if i got chance to do it* hehehe

na.. here some tips. *this may not help a lot* warm up ur body.. a bit stretching. inhale the simple exercise 1st. varies the simple exercise. * so you not get bored* do not stress your body.. err.. this is just the begining. so, let your body enjoy it..

ha! another one.. take a gap of rest.. jangan hari2 buat workout.. kasi chance our body to rest.. kire 1 day workout, 1 day rest, 1 day workout, 1 day rest.. mcm tuh la..

Ibrahim Ismail said...

That's really helpful. :D Thanks beautiful.

imah said...

most welcome gentleman.