Wednesday, May 9, 2012


09 mei 2012.


ermmm.. macam mana nak mula ea?

ok.. gini..

today, i was waiting for my friend. we need to exchange our notes..

she was late actually. so, i need to wait for her. not a big deal because my next class was at 2pm.

i was sitting on a bench. suddenly, i saw  a striking purple color shirt, with worn-out jean. hey! that guy was totally AWESOME! with his flawless skin, skinny and yeah! his outfit obviously. i felt like:


this was actually happened:

aku: awak lambat.

lelaki: ya. saya sudah lambat mau masuk kuliah.

aku: *senyum*

he was like this when our 1st year. with his spec, colar t-shirt, and sometimes tucked in. his leg was-so-feremfuan. *means he was so skinny-sangat!* oh! his bag! macam  nak pegi sekolah.. eh? aku pon sama tau  bawak beg macam nak pegi sekolah >.< hehehe he was nerd!

*oh anuar zain!*

today, he was like nak-berphotoshoot.  he wear contact lenses. now i can see his real eyes.. not so sepet. and yeah! his baju-seluar-rambut was AWESOME today! 

sometimes, our you know baju-seluar-tudung-etc,
make us more confident.
we felt comfortable to face people.
to interact.
to communicate.
to socialize.
to every thing la!


changed for good wasn`t a crime huh?

quote by: hlovate, versus. *ithink*


i`m half melt =P

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