Tuesday, March 12, 2013


13 mac 2013


dear blog..

this is quick update from me. since i`ve got tests in this direct 3 weeks. alot of assignment and reports to be submitted.. hell yeah my hormones gets crazy right now. too much things to do within this short time.. i hope i still can managed them. one by one. PELAN-PELAN KAYUH MA..

#just a bit hurmmmm sharing things happened to me. i dont know either it was coincident or what. but i try to be husnuzon, be positive, stay clam and always steady la kan to things that happened. 

so, lately, my shoes were untied by itself. even i had tied it really tiedly. ketat seketatnya. sometimes the right untied.. then i tied it back.. then walked for about 20 steps or more, the left was untied.. then walked again,  untied again. tied it again, they untied again. i was so macam pelik la.. why those things happened really often lately.. hurmmmm?? but you what i`m thinking?? maybe HE want to save me for some accident or what kan?  husnuzon and be positive.

that was the first issue.

the second issue.

444.. this number always appeared when i want to see the time at my cell phone. so pelik jugak for me.. but then i remember one of my friends said that, everything that happened around us, is the sign of HIS love. so, i open a tafsir. 

" Tidakkah kamu memerhatikan orang yang telah diberi bagian kitab (Taurat)? Mereka membeli kesesatan dan mereka mengkehendaki agar kamu tersesat (menyimpang) dari jalan (yang benar)"

[4: 44]

p/s: my oh my bad grammar.

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