Friday, April 5, 2013

YEAH-NO! mid sem break

5 april 2013


hi blog!

according to the academic calender, tomorrow supposed to be  the official date for mid-sem break in our uni.

BUT! students went back home toooooo early man!  there were less than 30 students who's turned up in our class today. but the presentation just goes on according to the schedule.

mid-sem break  not like what it should be. A BREAK! 

A LOTS  of assignments are waiting. dateline-rush. revisionssss, tests.. named it.. 

I wonder why it is name mid-sem BREAK if there are still assignments to do. 


or maybe we should changed the rules.
mid-sem break means no assignments, no lecture, no lab reports etc.


and what-the-hack that i`m doing in the college right now??

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