Sunday, July 7, 2013

last kopek dan makcik-hokkien


hi blog!!

sorry for yesterday. the title "tahlil" without body tuuuu.. tajuk ada. isi tarak! *gaya mamak cakap*

alhamdulillah.. the tahlil ceremony run well yesterday. tahlil untuk arwah wan dan sempena sambut ramadhan. 

penat tak payah cakap la.. tertidur sampai lupa nak gosok gigi. bersuka ria la nampaknya sisa-sisa soto, sate ayam, sate daging, bergedil dan sebagainya semalam. hahahaha

and today, i managed to jog for the last! before the ramadhan. last kopek kata kau! and i noticed that i can held my breath longer than usual if i exercise. i used to exercise dulu then stop for 1 month i think. due to 'commitment' with those reports!  then i got constipation due to that. side effect katanya. yes it is. serious. tak tipu. 

then, while heading to LRT, nak balik rumah, 

makcik: kakak, mana mau pegi KL?

me: aunty nak pergi mana??

makcik: itu KL.. itu Masjid Jamek.

me: orwh. aunty kena naik LRT ke Gombak. 

makcik: ok ok ok! saya tau itu.. terima kasih kakak.

aku pun jalan la naik nak tunggu LRT. kira satu jalan dengan makcik-hokkien tuh. borak-borak la jugak sambil menunggu. makcik tuh cakap, dia datang area PJ sebab nak tengok former bos dia. sape-ntah mati. 

me: aunty, please don't call me kakak. i'm just 22. i feel old if you call me kakak.

aunty: orwh.. sorry a sorry a.. i learned from my indonesian friends. they keep calling kakak kakak to everbody. i just follow them lorh. then, what should i call you?

me: call me adik. because i'm young.

aunty: sorry a adik. i'm not very good in malay. i'm come from penang. my real father and mother was chinese and they gave me away to my adopted parents. they all speaks english. so i only know english. my hokkien broken broken.

me: orwh. never mind la aunty. then, you stayed at your house with whom? 

aunty: alone la. i only have my bos to take care of me and god.

me: how about sibling?

aunty: i only can get one out of other. i try to find the rest. but i failed. if they want me, then they will find me.

me: *angguk*

"if they want me, they will find me."
by: makcik-hokkien, LRT Taman Jaya, 8th july 2013*

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