Sunday, October 13, 2013

# 1 Before getting Married


Hi blog.

I just arrived my so called rumah-manis-rumah yesterday. None of my family members know that I will be back home for Raya.

It's just a sudden-death aka berani mati aka spontan decision. Came across after I take my clothes at the ampaian.

I immediately packed my stuff inside the bags.

Taking public transport. oh well! what else I can do?? kata nak buat kejutan.

On my way, I was thinking: Where should I stop for a while before  I went back home?

I was thinking about Central Market. 

I took a long way to go there. I dropped at  LRT Plaza Rakyat. On my way to Central Market, I saw a couple. A 'unique' couple to be specific. The woman was singing while the man was plucking the guitar. It was an old song. 70's or 80's maybe. They can't see. But the man can plucked the guitar! That was amazing! Awesome!

They proved that their disability was not a big factor in anything that they want to do. Because they have to work in order to support their family.

Same goes to this man. *click*


I wish to play  one instrument. Before I get married.

I can sing but can't played any.

angklung ke, serunai ke, recorder ke kan? Tak payah gempak pun tak pe.

Sebab nanti nak nyanyi depan the-future-husband-of-mine bila dia merajuk. I'm not very good in pujuk-pujuk thing ni. 

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Zahra said...

Nice! Klo merajuk pujuk with
pinano so called paino pon mesti cute kan! Sweet! Moga tercapai yah! (: