Saturday, October 5, 2013



hi blog.. maafkan diri ini yang semakin sibuk.  maaf maaf maaf.

While I'm typing this entry, it already 2.35am, 6th of October.

    Today is my Abah's birthday!! I will make phone call to him and wish him as I promised to him last week ( I think) banyaknya him. Insya Allah. Because I am busy with some event held by my faculty. Special for final year students.  

    For your information, Abah is my chemistry teacher. Back in SMK Seri Pantai, Kuala Lumpur. Just near my home. Why we (my girlfriends) keep assign him abah because at that time, he is just handsome and so soft spoken. Really helps us in chemistry. Care about all of us. Make it short, he understand us really well. Really well. I still keep in touch with him. And I do miss his class.

Happy Birthday Abah!!! 

                          And and and.

    The anniversary-thing was yesterday. Unfortunately, I was busy with exam and my faculty event. The event will be 2 days event. And it was tiring man! But worth it.

    I met a friend on  5th October, last year. We used to be a friend long time ago but the friendship was 'lost-connection' after he finished his primary school. Vanished just like that. However, I still remember his name. I meant full name.

So, make it short,  I valued this re-friendship.

You choose: Sahabat Selamanya.
I choose: Move on.

Happy 1st friendship anniversary, Mr. Cute Monster.

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