Wednesday, November 6, 2013

WhatsApp Message


Hi blog.

It already three month since I closed my FB. Due to that, I lost 98% connection with my friends there. 

However, they still can reached me by text, Whatsapp, this blog ( a few of them know it) , InstaGram ( a few of them also know), emails, or they can come to my house! Our house is just nearby each other. hahaha.. Itu pun masih malas lagi nak berjalan.. huaaaaaaa! *soorrry babes.. korang busy, aku and tira pun busy.. korang penat kerja.. aku dengan tira penat belajar.. sama-sama penat. fair la kan.. hahahhaa*

And last two day, I received a WhatsApp message from my secondary teacher:

Nuha's Convo pic!! She is soooooo cute wokeh!!

My mother used to baby-sit Nuha since she was a baby.  Yeah! When I was in Form 3. Lama giler wooo!!

And my teacher also send me her video at the convo day.

Super Duper cute wa cakap lu!!

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