Tuesday, April 2, 2013

General Hospital, KL.

2 April 2013


hi blog!

i`m always want to pull off  the gray hair of my mak. always. rasa geram ja.. tapi setiap kali nak cabut she will said:

" sakit la!"

then she`s start to scratch her head.

however, yesterday, i`m not only had a chance to pull that gray hair, i also had a chance to make a sanggul for her.

and tomorrow, she will faced chemotheraphy. 

she`s strong. *hope so*

Today, she asked me:

she: sayang mak tak? *tanya sambil gelak-gelak*

me: of course la sayang!! *jawab sambil gelak-gelak*

Nenek cakap:

" Allah suruh mak kau rehat ni. Sebab dah lama jaga korang."

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